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About me...

Really? You want to know about me? Ok, well, it’s pretty boring but here goes…

Me - My name is Zanna McKenzie and I live in a semi-rural part of the Heart of England with the love of my life and our three Labrador dogs.

Work -I’m lucky enough to work from home as a freelance writer and editor and have had both fiction and non-fiction work published over the years.

I’ve been writing and creating with words for as long as I can remember, including making up stories in my head as a child and – strangely! -  creating my very own holiday brochures as  a ten year old, way back in the time before computers!

To try to learn the craft of writing I have studied with the National Council for the Training of Journalists, the Writers Bureau and the Romantic Novelists Association New Writers Scheme.

Hobbies- basically loads – reading, writing, gardening, walking the dogs; I’m also fascinated by herbs, crystals and aromatherapy…

Likes – again, loads of things but as we don’t have lots of room I’ll just pick two things-

  • Summerhouses – what is about having a glorious little place to escape to in the garden? Especially if it’s all chintzy and decorated with Cath Kidston fabrics, big squishy cushions on comfy deckchairs and a gingham rug… ahh, bliss! Maybe one day….

  • Wellies – I don’t know what it is about them; I slip on a pair of wellies and instantly feel at home, why is that? Maybe I was a farmer in a past life? Who knows? Either way, I have more pairs of wellies than I do high heel shoes, startling eh?

Dislikes – I know this is a controversial one but I hate shopping, unless it’s for books, the garden or wellies…

Ambition – to move to the countryside with my husband and dogs, have a garden big enough to grow loads of flowers, herbs and veg and still squeeze in a chicken run! Oh, and a summerhouse of course…Simple.

You can find out what I'm up to here:

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